What We do


There are many reasons why people are searching for family. Sometimes it’s quick and easy to find who you’re looking for, and sometimes it’s real ‘needle in haystack’ stuff.

Help abandoned babies like Gary Gatwick to find their parents.

Adoptees & Birth Parents

Once we have received your search instruction, we will assess the given criteria and give you a good idea of how successful we think this search will be. For instance, if your are searching for your father named John Jones from Wales, your chances of a successful search is very low.
We will help you every step of the way, right up to offering counselling and an intermediary service when we have found your family.

We will assist you to post your search information far and wide on social media sites, post on the relevant birth registers and teach you how to search for information on the internet.
You will be encouraged to have a DNA test and post your DNA profile on DNA register sites. We will guide you every step of the way through this process.

We will then go on to undertake a detailed and extensive internet search for your missing family. Results will be verified before passing them on to you, the client.

Due to being internet based, we are able to undertake searches anywhere in the world.

Counseling & Intermediary Service

Unfortunately finding your birth family doesn’t necessarily mean they will want to enter into a family relationship, in fact sometimes its the exact opposite. However, with counselling and by using an intermediary, you will at least be able to obtain information that you are seeking, such as family medical history, the circumstances surrounding your birth, who the other parent might be, etc.

Abandoned Babies

These are the ‘needle in haystack’ cases and can take years to solve. Abandoned babies are often not registered, the birth takes place privately rather than in a hospital and the baby can be abandoned many miles from where it is born.

In the past, abandoned or unnamed babies found it almost impossible to trace their birth families, but now, with the advances being made in DNA and DNA registers, together with the extensive array of social media sites, there is a very good chance that your family can be found. I can help you to get your DNA tested and the results posted to the various DNA registers. Once we have that information, the search begins.

As with adopted babies, finding your birth family does not guarantee that they will want a family relationship with you, but at least you will know your roots and hopefully you will be given your family medical history. An intermediary service is always advisable throughout this kind of search.

Estranged Family

There are many reasons why family members lose touch with each other. It could be a family rift, war related or simply distance. Get in touch with us, using the search request form, and let’s see if we can help.

There are thousands of success stories out there, where people have found their families and gone on to have warm family relationships with them. They far outnumber the sad stories where people have been unable to find there families, or when they have found them, been unable to connect to them. So if you’re looking for your missing family members, don’t delay it any longer and let us help you. Fill out our search request form and we will get back to you immediately.