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Can you imagine what it would be like if, as in the fairy tale, you had been delivered by the Baby Stork? You would have no clue where in the world you came from, no parents, grandparents or siblings, no-one that looks like you and no medical history. You would just BE! There are about 60 babies abandoned every year just in the UK. That means there are about 3000 people aged 50 and under with no heritage whatsoever. Missing Family is hoping to change that.

Using DNA testing, genealogists, highly experienced searchers and drawing on a world-wide network of professionals. we aim to connect as many abandoned babies with their birth heritage as possible.

Private DNA registers now hold millions of DNA results, often used to connect up adoptees and birth families, and the register is growing all the time. This is a wonderful resource for abandoned babies to use. Even if they never find their birth parents, at least they can get some information on their heritage. Unfortunately the Government National DNA Database cannot be accessed by the public, not even by abandoned babies. We are hoping that legislation will be changed in the future to include abandoned babies.

DNA tests and profiles are not cheap. While Missing Family will be lobbying the Government to provide all abandoned babies with a DNA profile, in the meantime we aim to assist as many abandoned babies as possible to obtain their DNA profile and begin their search.

From time to time, when all else fails, it is necessary to pay a reward for information. This often has excellent results, but we can only pay rewards if we have the funds to do so.

Missing Family needs your support!

So how can you help? You could donate to our cause, you could help to publicize our cause by posting the link far and wide or you could provide your own DNA sample to the private DNA register in your country (click here to email us for more information on how to do this). On behalf of all abandoned babies out there, Missing Family thanks you for your support.

What do we do with donated funds?

  • Pay for information that used to be free on the internet but is now locked into pay per view websites
  • Assist where necessary with the cost of DNA testing for foundlings
  • Assist where necessary with travel expenses to unite foundlings and biological family.
  • Assist with costs for professional services and documentation for adoptees and foundlings.

The actual searching is undertaken by volunteers who do not charge for their services.