About Us


My name is Gail Hickman. I have been connecting up birth families and adoptees for more than 25 years , working to a high success rate. I now have a wonderful voluntary team of experts at my disposal, which means we can take on more cases. Although our work is detailed and very thorough, sometimes people simply don’t want to be found. When a person is found, there are occasions where that person does not wish to engage with the person searching for them. Communication is often easier through a 3rd party, so I also offer an intermediary service to help you connect with your new found family.Missing Family is now able to undertake fundraising to be able to provide a free service to those in difficult financial circumstances. So talk to me and let’s see if we can find your family for you.

We offer absolute confidentiality

No-one will be contacted without your express permission. Your details will not be shared with anyone without your express permission.
No search information, progress reports or final outcomes will be posted on the internet without your express permission.

We will at all times respect the privacy of all parties concerned

Failure to do so could result in lives and families being disrupted so we would therefore ask our clients to make the same undertaking.


While every effort will be made to maintain the strictest confidentiality at all times, we can and will not be held responsible for breach of confidence by 3rd parties.