What we do:

We help adoptees searching for birth family or birth family looking for adoptees. We help abandoned babies (foundlings) search for their birth family through DNA testing and extensive searches. We also offer an intermediary service to help you connect with your newly found family. All our services offer guaranteed confidentiality.

As we are internet based, we are able to offer a world-wide service.

What we don't do:

Unfortunately we are not able to assist with searches for historical purposes or family trees. We are also not able to assist with searches for ex partners unless for medical or health reasons.

Search Request

Use our quick form to begin the search process. Be sure to check our search tips first for best results!

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Search Tips

Everything you need to know to increase the effectiveness of your search, and find your missing family.

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We rely completely on public funding, so your donation is vital to help us find birth family for abandoned babies.

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